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Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 in Binary Options, Porter Finance, Tips and Advice |

Is Porter Finance a Scam?

Nowadays, people seem to be distrustful towards everything, and it mostly has to do with the fact that they have been burned so many times until now, and they no longer want to take any risks. And this is how things should be done; you never know when some person or an organization is going to appear and try to scam you. You must investigate everything before you take part in it, and if you were thinking about starting to trade binary options, you ought to check up on the binary options broker you plan to use. And today, we are going to tell you about the binary options broker called Porter Finance, and show you if it is a scam or if it isn’t one.


First of all, let’s say a work or two about this binary options broker. It is based in London, UK, and it was not founded that long ago – just last year! And the biggest problem this trading broker has is the fact that it is not regulated. This is exactly why most people jump to conclusion that it is a scam, but they should do a bit more investigation in order to figure that out for sure. So, as we have said, it is not regulated, but it has a great reputation for being honest and good. A lot of different binary options traders trade here, and they love the fact that Porter Finance offers them the possibility to conduct various different trades, to conduct them on a great Spot Option trading platform, and to use a lot of learning material that is free for all the registered trader. porter-finance-1024x513

So, let’s get back to the main question here – is Porter Finance a scam or not? Well, to sum it up, it is not a scam. As we have said, this trading broker is not regulated, and this is the main reason why people jump to conclusion that it is a scam, but they are wrong. This binary options trading broker shows us that it fully understands and implements all of the regulatory laws, which basically means that it work as if it was regulated. Also, another thing that helps us come to conclusion that it is not a scam is the fact that it allows the traders from the United States of America to trade here, which is something they could not do if they were regulated. If they were regulated, they wouldn’t be able to accept the American traders and that it the main reason why they do not seek a regulatory body to oversee them.

So, even though Porter Finance is a relatively new binary options trading broker, it has become one of the most popular ones, even though it is not regulated. This has led some people to believe that it is a scam, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Porter Finance is completely safe for trading, and if you were considering doing that on this trading platform, our advice is to go through with that decision.

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